Wednesday, November 19, 2014

OUT:Fraenz Frisch-Luxembourg

my contribution to E-mail-art project:

Saturday, November 8, 2014

OUT:Валерий Шимановский - Р О С С И Я


        B I N G O  !
TOFU's comment :
Today’s piece of ticket-themed mail art came from Stanislav (akaVirgo) in Russia.  And as always, he makes a cool envelope as well.  Thank you!
Below is a recap of some of the ticket-themed mail art that I have received in response.  This is why I love mail art!
  1. Susanna Lakner
  2. RF Côté
  3. Angela Behrendt
  4. Jennifer Utter
  5. Virgo Samara
  6. Angela Behrendt
  7. Pamela Gerard
  8. Fleur Helsingor
  9. Marina Salmаso